Good hot afternoon,

how are you spending this burning hot day? I’m not made for this kind of weather, the heat it self is not that bad but the sun is burning so badly. Even sun allergy stuff isn’t helping enough. Vampirish treats over here. Shadow is a bit okay though, but I’m trying to stay inside as much as possible.
I only have to go to the Apple store after finishing this post because apparently I have this well known issue with retina screens with the coating and I’m having some weird spots in my screen and now I probably have to get it fixed and have to miss my macbook for a couple days. Not cool, but guess waiting longer so it will only get worse isn’t really an option either, and the warmth seems to make it worse.

Anyway before I have to hand it in I wanted to share these photos with you, there from a couple weeks ago already but I finally got to finish them. Models are the wicked Helena Lush and Bunny Glittergun. It was quite an impulsive shoot just for fun so they did their own make-up and hair.

Hope you like them! Last Monday I already did a new shoot with Bunny, something completely different, already posted a sneakpeek on my instagram but the rest will have to wait until my macbook is repaired :( Hopefully it won’t take too long.

all the bats,

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