Hi batsies,

It’s official! I no langer have to work at Zara. Which feels really strange since I’ve spent sooo many hours over there the last months. I just came back from handing in my working clothes so it’s truely done now. The freedom… I think this might be the best form of ‘spring cleaning’ ever! Haha. Talking about spring cleaning I’ve spent the weekend cleaning up our balcony and building a minigarden, so now I have a small garden over here as well. I love spending time outside, my sun allergies are making it less fun but for now I prefer itchy and ugly skin over being stuck inside. Hopefully if I let my skin adjust to the sun already it will be better by the time it’s summer. Fingers crossed.  Before I could finish our balcony though I had to sent a mail to the building cooperation to ask how much weight the balcony can carry… before I get overwhelmed in buying plants and wicked decor items and the balcony will collapse… hopefully I’ll get an answer soon and I can continue my project. :) I’ve found a cool initiative called ‘Urban Street Forest‘ that sells mini trees for your balcony, for every tree they sell they plant a new tree in a problem area and they have special projects to make city’s with loads of concrete buildings more green by putting trees on all the balcony’s. So I really want to get one of their apple trees, if my balcony can take the weight.

For now it’s time for a new outfit post! This time no skirts and heels… I think that as a blogger you need to be honest and if you want to share your life you shouldn’t just make everything perfect, it should be real. And since I also have my lazy days I actually wear loads of comfy leggings and my New Rocks are my nr.1 most worn shoes. So here’s a real-life-less-perfect comfy outfit! I hope you like it as well. I just love the shirt so much! It’s from Tripp Nyc and I got it in the Asos sale. (I spent way way too much time browsing through their outlet).  And on the New Rocks, I’ve had them for 3 or 4 years already and they’re still going strong! The only thing I do is treating them with some black shoepolish every once in a while, and I like to dress them up with a choker. I own three pair of New Rocks, they’re pricey but so worth it! Do you own any?

What I’m wearing:
Choker: Attitude Holland
Top: Tripp NYC
Cardigan: Killstar (it’s so warm and soft! <3)
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: New Rock
Bag: Disturbia

misfish-back misfish-full misfish-lowerdetails misfish-upperdetails

Do you prefer comfy or beautiful clothing?

All the bats,

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