Hi my lovely bats,

last Saturday it was finally here: Attitude Fest! And I’m still extremely tired, but it was a great succes!
It was so lovely to see a lot of people enjoying our little festival. Though I wished more people would support the bands instead of waiting in line for a free tattoo drawing or hairdye… But I guess people have their own priorities.
So far I have only heard positive feedback from visitors so that’s really great. Of course there were (loads of) things that didn’t go as planned and I did spent my day running around fixing problems, but as long as the visitors didn’t really notice it’s not that bad right?

I gave a small photography workshop but since I was stressing around a bit it didn’t really go that smooth… still I hope people enjoyed it and learned from it as well. I’m a bit chaotic sometimes. Though it was fun to explain a lighting set up and using people as lamps, haha. If you went to the festival please leave a comment and let me know what you think of it! And if you attented my workshop (you’re damn amazing!) sent me some of your photos and I will give you feedback, if you like.

Many congratulations to Donna and Nils for winning the title of Miss & Mr. Alternative 2016, I’m looking forward to working with you.

Due to the organising job I didn’t get to take a lot of photos myself, but here are a few, hope you like them!

And since this big project is finally over (well sort of, we still have to evaluate and post all the photos etc), I got to do a new shoot, yay! With the lovely Bunny Glittergun <3 I will post a first sneakpeek tomorrow so follow me on facebook or instagram, if you’re not already…

All the bats,

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