Last Friday was the opening of the Aki Finals exposition in Enschede. One of my photography friends graduated so I decided to pay her a visit. Busra showed me the entire exposition and I saw a lot of amazing stuff!

Busra is an analogue documentary photographer and made two “back to the roots” photoseries on her parents’ land of birth: Turkey.


memories-2014-8939-4 “Two sides of a coin” portrays the two different views she has on her country. Since she has Turkish parents a lot of things about the culture and the country were normal to her. But she is born in the Netherlands so over there she is “the Dutch girl” and she sees certain things from a more western perspective. She notices things that are completely normal for Turkish people but seem more strange when you’re living in a Western culture.


turkey-2015-41400-7“Memories” is a photoserie on her Grandmothers house. Until 2009 she visited very regularly and she has very vivid memories of the place, so she decided to go back there and document it. The house is a big difference with the luxury we have over here. It’s going to be torn down in the upcoming years and it hasn’t had any renovation in a while so a lot of stuff broke down, is coming down or is just very old. She doesn’t even have a normal central heating.


other-memories-7667-2Both of the series really impressed me, they show us a different view on the Turkish culture since it has been documented by someone who looks from two perspectives rather than just a Dutch photographer.  Some photos portray a feeling of home while other portray big differences between our countries.
She told me she might be doing another ‘Two Sides of a coin.” series with photos taken in the Netherlands, because over here she will always be the “Turkish” girl… Can’t wait to see them.

Want to view more of Busra’s work? Visit her website:

Some more interesting works at the exposition:

other artists aki finals

1. Mark Overweg –  2. Lisanne Langenberg – 3. Tony Docekal – 4. Wes Jansen – 5. Laura Signer – 6. Swana van der Helm.

Want to see it for yourself?
You can visit the exposition until the 5th of July.
More information here.



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