new name new place new siteHi there,

Some of you might already know me and some of you might have stumbled upon here by chance. If your with the last group I recommend you to pay a visit to my about page. If your with the first, hi again! Just keep on reading, if you like.

So the name change… From Sharon Duursma Photography to Sharon Dusk. It’s easier don’t you think?
A little over a month ago I graduated from Art & Technology. Since I get bored really easily and I really don’t want to end up unemployed I decided it was time for something new. And the first thing that had to change? My name. Let’s face it, Duursma isn’t really easy to pronounce in English, or any other foreign languages. Since the alternative scene is a lot bigger in Germany and England I knew it had to change. If you can’t pronounce a name how will you ever remember it? And tell other people about it.
So I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about other words that started with a D. And then it hit me: Dusk! Why? Because it’s the darkest moment of sunset, dusken means darken, so that fits my style perfectly, and it starts with du as well, and it’s supershort and easy!

Whenever I do something I go all in. So with a name change comes a new website. And with a new website -and more time to spent- comes a new blog. When I was organizing the Miss & Mr. Alternative competition for Attitude Holland I had such a hard time to find any alternative (fashion)bloggers, which I thought was very strange. So here I am! With my parttime job for Attitude -soo many clothes- , my other (music)photography and knowledge about design and branding I have plenty to write about.
Oh and when I was a child I wrote a lot of fantasy stories, I love to write, which might help when you start a blog.

And last but not least, I’ve found this amazing new office/photostudio space! In a former monastery. My room isn’t completely finished yet, but here are some first impressions:
impressions office space & studio

For those of you who haven’t stopped reading by now: you’re awesome! But the end of this very first post is approaching. I’ll be offline for a couple of days, celebrating all my newness at Graspop! So when I get back I’ll have even more to write about.

For now you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin. I’m working on more ways -like google+ and email-, hopefully those will be up and running next week!

All the bats,





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