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here’s some news: I can’t plan. Or maybe that isn’t news at all. So far it hasn’t really gotten me into trouble, haven’t missed any appointments yet and I’m never late. But it’s a whole lot of chaos in my head though and sometimes I do forget some tasks I have to do… what it comes down to: organising sucks but it does help. But I need something more than just buying an agenda. I tried that many times, works for about a week and then I loose the thing or get annoyed by its layout or the size etc. And staying motivated and organised takes more then just writing down your deadlines and appointments in a planner. So I decided to make my own! Wrapped in a “2 week challenge” but if you manage to do this for two weeks and notice that it works it will be easier to turn it into a habit.
I combined a lot of productivity tips & tricks I’ve found on the internet and combined it into a workbook.

Here are some of the tips:

  • Wake up early, go to bed at strict times.
  • Take breaks, move a little every 45 minutes.
  • Eat regularly
  • Work out
  • Take one day a week without work (yes you need some rest too! I forget this often)
  • Plan as much as you can the evening before, including your outfit.
  • Look good everyday, looking good will make you feel better about yourself, which will make you more motivated and productive. So take some time for that as well, it’s important!
  • Plan “spare” time for last minute assignments or tasks that take more time then expected.
  • Only use your social media/email at strict times, turn off your notifications.

As you can read it isn’t just planning. It involves a lot more, which is key to becoming more productive and staying organised.

So do you want to get more organized as well? Or maybe you just want to see how productive you can be? Want to learn something new? Just want to challenge yourself?
>>> You can download the workbook here. 


In the workbook I’ve also included some learning. Sometimes we might loose our passion for our work or just forget why we’re doing something & nothing can motivate better then learning a new skill (related to your work).
If you’re using the workbook for school you might just want to add your classes here.
Two weeks of productivity challenge 

Good luck! If you’re going to try it I would love to hear from you. Share your experiences in a comment below, it might help others as well.
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